Maui's Dolphin

Maui’s dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) aka popoto.

Recognised as a distinct subspecies of Hector’s dolphins in 2002, following genetic research, previously called the North Island Hector’s dolphin.

Maui's dolphins 'Without A Voice' from WWF New Zealand

"WWF-New Zealand's campaign video highlighting the plight of the remaining Maui's dolphins. Only 55 animals, excluding calves, are believed to survive today. With special thanks to singer/songwriter Jamie McDell for the use of her track 'Without A Voice'. To support our work to save this species, please visit "

In 2002, a New Zealand marine scientist, Dr Alan Baker, showed that Maui’s dolphins are not identical to the Hector’s dolphins that live around the South Island.

The dolphins’ common name is Maui’s, after the Māori name for the North Island – te Ika a Maui. The Māori name for Maui’s dolphins is popoto.

Awhitu - Home of Maui's Dolphins a mood video from PAUL MOSS

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