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  • APRIL 29th 2013

We are about to release a website with a series of maps of the Maui's Dolphin Habitats. There are 10 maps in this series, Map #1 is a directory of the other 9 coastalmaps that show where the Maui's Dolphin live and have lived historically. Each map will live on its own webpage with info and links to many relevant items such as images and video, people and networks, history and current plans for that area, resources and hazards, and actions for the local kaitiaki (caregivers) of that coastal zone.

Please feel free to comment, you can look at the basic maps on our facebook group, and you are most welcome to talk with us there.

The webpages will be a sub site of

  • APRIL 8th 2013

    HELP??? please help us help the Maui's Dolphin. the online campaigns are more or less covered, we need real people in real life to do real stuff. here. and now.

    First, we need to build our team. we have a great core. we need quite a big team to do some big things.

    That starts with korero. Talk to us. call us, email, skype, twitter, webcast, drive here.... whatever works for you is good for Maui's.

    without YOU they are pretty much doomed to extinction. Please feel free to use our resources, our technical gear, our skills, our specialised market knowledge, our new media gear, our extraordinary abilities... our connections! in YOUR vision, your plan, your project, your effort to save the popoto from extinction...

    go on, what are you waiting for...

    APRIL 3rd 2013

  • A personal request from Paul Moss, on behalf of the Maui's Dolphins, currently in big trouble.

    I've been asking for help on behalf of Maui's Dolphins for about a year now, after I attended Maui's Dolphin Day at Raglan in 2012, it was clear that someone had to do a lot more to bring events and activities to actually happen!

    So i registered a pile of domain names, created some facebook groups and events, and got on Radio and TV, marched on parliament, amassed people and resources, and then tried to build a real life team to move it all on and up.

    I suggested more marches, music festivals, a Maui info Festival, and a bunch of other ideas such as projections like my friend Michel Tuffrey did on Te Papa.

    WE and I need a lot more help.

    The Maui's need a lot more help. I can provide resources and energy, creative and physical. I've been quiet with my head down, I'm working furiously behind the scenes to create financial resources and major sponsors to move our dreams and visions for Maui's to the next level.

    My/Our projects are developing and will require a team or teams when they are ready for launch, we need to start rehearsing as soon as possible.

    I ask why there is a delay when the situation has been described as an emergency by Ria and I since early 2011 when we named the first event Maui's 111 (sub titled FUNERAL FOR MAUI).

    We planned a full scale Hearse and coffin and amarch on Parliament for April 2011 but with litle support we scaled back and renamed the event with a more positive name.

    The most successful events have contained shock value, we shamelessy and proudly attracted the media, and managed to get on the 6:30 News. They called me ahead of the march,to check that they would in fact get their shock value,or they wouldnt come. This is what we are up against.

    I'm so proud of the people that have proudly put themselves out there for the benefit of the Dolphins, and, by association, all environmental values, and love for life.

    MAUI's and HECTOR's..

    ...a thank you. YOU know who you are...

    ...and its an imperative to note that the activities that I did participate in were organised and run and attended by a bunch of amazing, awesome and inspirational people. A FUN Team! (Teams)

    PEOPLE! beautiful and fun loving, caring and sharing, and above all willing to STAND UP for the Ocean and its inhabitants.

    We cant all do all the things necessary to maintain the flow, so every single person has my respect, and gratitude for what they were able to do,and are planning to do in the future... It seems logical to me that we need a whole lot more people, if we are to win this campaign to save the Maui's, and to continue on saving Hector's, and all other ocean life.

    It is the rest of our lives, for sure.

    That is a tall ask, of anyone. lets see how we can spread and share the load, and really make an increasing impact on the well being of our planet,together.

    There are several diverse groups with confidential projects in planning stages and if you wish to help any of us in any group, I'm happy to connect you. Note that groups are diverse, like us, and like dolphins. Some groups are truly fun and exciting to be part of while others are much more serious and sober.

    This is true of many groups around the world, I was part of some very serious actions in Germany and the Netherlands where you couldn't smile and I arranged a couple of protests in Turkey where we smiled anyway, even with a squad of young men holding their AK47's and secret police in the crowd asking me what we were doing. I just kept the camera rolling and you can hear they guy ask me as he showed me his badge, on you tube.

    We are blessed in Aotearoa to be free to do much of what we want.

    We have an open policy but for various and very good reasons not all groups can, or do, note that you must obey each groups' rules.

    However we will be happy to connect you.

    You can contact us here, or email, phone, skype, facebook, twitter, mail, in person. my details are all on