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  • Direct Marketing Concepts.

  • "how to ensure that you increase your ROI"




Top ten tips

Goal is to increase your ROI

1/ choose the right list, 40% of success relies on quality leads.

2/ Timing. use up to date fresh list.

3/ Define your Campaign. Build brand, Announce presence, generate leads or orders. drive traffic to website, Make a sale

4/ generate excitement. include a call to action, discounts, free giveaway. buy 1 get 1 free, offer expires xxx
hurry offer ends soon

5/ Give Multiple ways to respond, internet, phone, email, mail,

6/ Peers. Testimonials are Powerful 22% Peers, 29% Industry Professionals

7/ Test test test test 3 elements, headline, offer, pricing

8/ Manage your expectations. average response is 1 to 2%

9/ Call to Follow Up

10/ Track Results critical.