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  Maui Dolphin
  Cephalorhynchus hectori. Photograph by James Shook

Photograph courtesy
of Will Rayment
New Zealand Dolphin and Whale Trust

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  Maui's Dolphin Maui Mauis Hector's New Zealand eventing and schemes to save from extinction. Website by Paul Moss
Astro-Artist Paul Moss speaks at Te Papa Marae for Matariki
also see ASTRONOMY AOTEAROA dot com

Maui’s dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) aka popoto.
Recognised as a distinct subspecies of Hector’s dolphins in 2002, following genetic research, previously called the North Island Hector’s dolphin.

In 2002, a New Zealand marine scientist, Dr Alan Baker, showed that Maui’s dolphins are not identical to the Hector’s dolphins that live around the South Island.

The dolphins’ common name is Maui’s, after the Māori name for the North Island – te Ika a Maui. The Māori name for Maui’s dolphins is popoto.


MAPS! You wanted to now where your closest Maui's are? what their main challenges and threats are? actions that you can take? people and netwroks that you can join in their habitats? Our new online directory will launch on this page HERE (Maps & Directory) - and grow to answer many of your questions, and allow for feedback directly as we progress our mission for our last 55 Maui's Dolphins.

  • Blog for Maui's! Please feel free to communicate with us...

  • July 2nd 2013

  • While I agree at the pragmatism of naming Maui's Dolphins after Tolkien Characters, I consider ti morally and ethically wrong. What do you think?

    Treasure isnt the accurate translation or transliteration of TAONGA. its more 'sacred object'. Its not about words and meanings, they are too easily misunderstood, as we just saw. Its about honouring the ocean and its inhabitants, as has just been expounded. Our culture is quite different to many cultures, historically we have managed the resources and sacred objects with great care and diligence.

    That all changed a couple of hundred years ago when the world descended on us and pushed us around for their own greed, re-naming everything according to their whim. Mount Egmont is a classic example. it was Taranaki for a millenium before that, and never named before that. even our country name reeks of conquest.

    'NEW' sealand? after some obscure province in Netherlands? It was TE IKA A MAUI for a millennia before that, the FISH that MAUI hooked. (and Te WAI POUNAMU - the land of water and greenstone, and RAKIURA, the land of the great red glowing skies - Aurora).

    similiar across the Pacific for many thousands of years prior. You couldnt go to TAIJI and start renaming their dolphins after Tolkien Fictitious characters, everyone would laugh ...

    Even the name of our species reeks of colonialism and conquest, HECTOR"S? and finally we saw some sense when the subspecies got named MAUI, but adding the s to differentiate it from the Hawaiian species was a big fail. We never had apostrophes in our indigenous language. so we live with the remnants of the Age of Empires, and we slowly recover the honour and rights to TiroRangatiratanga, the principle of self determination.

    It is most incorrect and inappropriate to compare us to other cultures, and their behaviours, to make a point. We have written agreements in place for over a century to make provision for this kind of thing happening, and those agreements would solve this issue, if and when honoured.

    Words and concepts are as important to us as physical objects.

    Paul Moss.


I have been concerned about this aspect for ages, the dilemma appears in another form, cross-org fighting, slander matches, lies, accusations, and simple bitching, especially between women that have been to Taiji, and immersed themselves int he horror of it all.. I think that there is a call here for a thesis on the subject, and we could learn much. My basic tennant is that we need to fix ourselves before we can fix the ocean, so I am drawn toward the fun and positive organisations, and move away from the emo and aggressively personality attacking orgs.. Aggression is appropriate when dealing with lawbreakers, but love is appropriate when collecting support for saving a species. Tolkien wrote the lesson, we could follow it.

Maybe its just the process I'm really objecting to, the 'shoddy over-riding of all other considerations' in the clamour for media publicity. Perhaps there is a more respectful way. But i guess if it's someone else it's all too easy to judge. Maybe if they do get their publicity, and we do improve the dolphins lives, we can look away, this time. But I am keen to examine the principles and discuss and share it , in order to comprehend it more myself.
absolutely, in fact Tolkien wrote the stories for a purpose, and I believe one of those is exactly what I am trying hard to examine here, the human behaviours when faced with dilemma.

Frodo "will i destroy the ring? or use it to save the world?".

Bilbo. "will i keep the Jewel of Arkenstone? or use it to save the world?"

Thorin. "will i die to try and save my family treasure? or share it back to the original owners?"

Its a parallel to all the in-fighting between orgs, I say "How can we save the ocean while we can not save ourselves?" endlessly clamouring for publicity so that we get new members, more sponsorship, and do it in the GUISE of saving something?

Our relationships and behaviours are a higher order of priority than our environment. perhaps. This is where disobedience comes in.

I say that the ethical behaviours are an indicator of the true motives. But I dont think its a rule, there are endless permutations to us humans and our behaviours.


  • July 1st 2013

    imagine this headline:
    "The International Whaling Commission's (IWC) scientific committee said it was extremely concerned about Japan blatantly mis-using the IWC loophole, the so-called 'Scientific Research Whaling' and concerned for the whales plight, adding: "The human-caused death of one thousand whales in such a small population would increase the extinction risk "....
    yes, deliberately mis-quoted. apparently its ok to use whatever tactics you see fit to get the media's attention...
    hope you see the satirical irony in this right now at this moment. when they want to call our Popoto 'Frodo'. (and Australia is in the International Court in the Hague, without New Zealand, calling for Japan to be stopped WHALING in our whale sanctuary). you know, killing whales to eat, to scientifically see if they taste good.. or something.

    Paul Moss.

    April 29th 2013

  • MAPS!! Resources and Hazards - New website section about to be launched, read about it Here: Maui's Dolphin Maps of Resources and Hazards

    ACTIONS!! and we are writing our strategy documents bearing in mind the principles of communicating with our audiences that live near the dolphins, and apart from them, sneak preview of that here...
    Here: Maui's Dolphin Habitat - RESOURCE 2

  • April 8th 2013.
    HELP??? please help us help the Maui's Dolphin. the online campaigns are more or less covered, we need real people in real life to do real stuff. here. and now.

    First, we need to build our team. we have a great core. we need quite a big team to do some big things.

    That starts with korero. Talk to us. call us, email, skype, twitter, webcast, drive here.... whatever works for you is good for Maui's.

    without YOU they are pretty much doomed to extinction. Please feel free to use our resources, our technical gear, our skills, our specialised market knowledge, our new media gear, our extraordinary abilities... our connections! in YOUR vision, your plan, your project, your effort to save the popoto from extinction...

    go on, what are you waiting for...more at my blog


April 3rd 2013.
A personal request from Paul Moss, on behalf of the Maui's Dolphins, currently in big trouble.

I've been asking for help on behalf of Maui's Dolphins for about a year now, after I attended Maui's Dolphin Day at Raglan in 2012, it was clear that someone had to do a lot more to bring events and activities to actually happen!
....read more here at my BLOG.




STAND UP AND BE COUNTED - Peggy Oki Artist for the Maui's Dolphins

Lets Face It - www.lets-face-it-dolphins.com

Lets Face It - Extinction is for EVER

EARTHRACE - Earthrace Conservation Organisation

Last EVENT!!!!


Maui's Dolphin Day and Recycled Raft Race and Fashion Show
@ Te Kopua Domain
Saturday 2nd March
11am - 5pm
Maui’s Dolphin Day is back! Everyone in Raglan is familiar with our local toanga, the Maui’s Dolphin or Popoto. Working together to celebrate and protect our unique environment, Whaingaroa Environment Centre (WEC) and Xtreme Waste have teamed up again this year to bring you the Recycled Raft Race. Also, new this year, a recycled fashion show. This will be a “Project Runway” style fashion show, with contestants creating their pieces from recycled materials given to them on the day!
What else?
- Stalls from Environmental and Community Organisations
- Food fundraisers for local groups
- Local music and entertainment
- Activities for all ages! Prizes!

To participate or volunteer, contact WEC. Raft race and Fashion Show registrations and info available for download here (see sidebar) or pick up at WEC in the Town Hall. All contestants must pre-register!


COVER for your facebook page!! here:





Mauis Dolphin Dot Com

Make Your Stand for the Maui (Maui's) Dolphin of Aotearoa

please do something now!!!

March for Taiji



Write to the New Zealand Government demanding change! protection for our Maui's Dolphins.

Dear Minister,

I represent the 'Maui Dolphin (aka Maui's Dolphin) - Action & Projects' with 83 members on facebook and public website www.mauisdolphin.com we are concerned for the future of the dolphins threatened with imminent extinction, and expect and demand that the New Zealand Government act according to best practice as advised by the national experts, acting on the advice within the reports from scientists who have brought more than 25 years research into NZ dolphins, to you.

email your submission to Maui at MPI < MauiTMP@mpi.govt.nz >, and
Maui at DOC < MauiTMP@doc.govt.nz >


music for Maui date and location tba..

PAST Events:

Maui's Dolphin
A CandleLight Viral Vigil for the dolphins!
9th November

Light a candle, take a photo (with you or your friend or family in it), make a video, send us the link!!! we will send it to our government.

New Zealand:
Wellington - 5 Courtenay Place 7pm bring candles!!
Auckland - Aotea Square

Global - Your Place!

mellow styles
5 Courtenay Place, friday 9th Nov from 7pm on.

It's an awareness event for sharing the knowledge of the imminent extinction of the Maui Dolphin (technically its Maui's Dolphin).
There are only 55 left.

the government called for submissions on interim measures in march/april and they are taking final submissions now until Tuesday 12th Nov.

Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to make a submission. the easiest process is to sign the NABU petition which automatically emails a detailed submission to DOC.

Bring your own candles!
We are going to have a vigil with candles in that circular space near the weta tripod at the end of Courtenay Place.
cushions and blanket perhaps?

Viral Vigil with Candles 5 Courtenay Place 9th November 7pm..

Rob Thorne (Children of Maui Project) is coming from Palmerston North to play Taonga Puoro with loop pedals, approx time sunset say 8 ~8:30

Tui Allen will attend with her book RIPPLE, freshly back from Frankfurt Book Fair, the worlds largest book fair, where NZ was guest of honour! you can buy this fabulous story of dolphins directly from Tui fro $15, or from Amazon or Book Depository. You can buy hard copy or kindle versions, the electronic version is only a few dollars.

Skype in's, if possible, one from Scotty Bowman (Christchurch) at Earthrace and another from Len Varley (Perth) Freedom Blue, who wrote two books on Taiji dolphins, SALTWATER TEARS, and DEEPER WATER.

We will shoot video, and share a video later to inspire more submissions. we might only have a dozen or perhaps 20 people, and usually there are several couples and groups passing through at any one time.

I might bring telescopes, (depends on help) I'm certainly bringing screens and laptop, an amp and speakers, (mics and desk) for speakers and skype.

Performers - we would be happy for you dropped by! if you were in the city, rap, sing, play guitar, would be much appreciated, although it's not so important for us to have performance, the thing is to try and get the message a last chance of spreading, to get more numbers to government.

you can see event here:https://www.facebook.com/events/272002006236213/

and our Maui (Maui's) group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/392416584103391/"

Paul Moss

Paul Moss - Webmaster Maui's Dolphin dot com


The Orca were with us in Wellington Harbour.

Orca at Karaka Bay
Photo by www.antsjackson.com

Free Morgan





A FLASHMOB across the Wellington CBD October 26th
(with Auckland)

Mauis Dolphin

NABU Maui's Dolphin

use your smart phone to go to the site and join the petition, thus sending a submission about Maui's Dolphins to the NZ Government.
Petition site directly here: https://www.change.org/ petitions/ save-maui-s-dolphins-now


GO TO cnr Lambton Quay and Bowen sts at 11:30am Friday 26th Oct.

A Concert for Maui? (Mid December)
Artists for the Dolphins? all the time!
will YOU take part? please let us know at facebook action page




Past Events:

Maui's Dolphin
A FLASHMOB across the Wellington CBD October 26th (with Auckland)
GO TO cnr Lambton Quay and Bowen sts at 11:30am Friday 26th Oct.

Photos HERE:



maui – one man against the gods



Tanemahuta Gray is to try and get the production of Maui - One Man Against The Gods to Hawaii. Please help Tanemahuta achieve his dream.
'We are currently investigating a tour to Hawaii in O'ahu in Fall or Winter of 2013, and will keep you in touch with how the mission to bring "Maui" to his other homeland is going. It has always been a big dream of Tanemahuta Gray to share the beauty, wisdom and phenomenal abilities of our great Hercules of the Pacific, with our Hawaiian whanaunga.'

What is Maui-One Man Against The Gods? see http://www.mauitheshow.com/



Awhitu - Home of Maui's Dolphins
a mood video from PAUL MOSS

Latest MAUI's DOLPHIN Footage:

Published on 30 Sep 2012 by

Footage of Maui's dolphins, now the rarest marine dolphins in the world. Just 55 Maui's dolphins over the age of one are estimated to survive.

I LIKE Dolphins... (swimming in the sea)


Earthrace Conservation Organisation HERE

Click this link to download the Dolphin Song. It's free!


Created for Earthrace Conservation Organisation in support of their ongoing anti-captivity campaign and in honour of Save Japan Dolphin Day 2012 Ft.4 year old Leela B.



Love for Dolphins
Origami Dolphins by Bille Giebler.


Animation by Paul Moss

Dove Jones appeal for help...


Albatross Anti Plastic


Albatross No Sea Earth Pollution


Say NO to plastic, reuse, recycle, protect the oceans from any more plastic waste. Albatross




Petitions handed to NZ Government 2nd May 2012
AVAAZ (by members) 29,443 + 20,714
+ Change Org (by NABU) 17,548
close enough to 67,000 signatures..


Facebook event discussions March for Maui Wellington, Auckland
Media directory here: TV Radio Newspaper Video Photos
..only known as Maui. Terehu, Aihe or Upokohue
- all mean Dolphin.
'Maui's dolphin or popoto (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) is the
world's rarest and smallest known subspecies of dolphin.[1]
They are a sub-species of the Hector's dolphin
They are only found off the northwest coast of New Zealand's
North Island
, and are among that country's rarest subspecies.
As of 2012, it is estimated that 55 Maui's dolphins exist in the
Maui's dolphins are generally found close to shore in groups or
pods of several dolphin. They are often seen in water less than
20 metres deep, but may also range further off shore.
Most of their time is spent feeding.' wikipedia

Video of stills from March on Parliament

Video from March on Parliament

another video of slides here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwIZvw6dLLQ&feature=share&list=ULKwIZvw6dLLQ

Video from MAF.

VIDEO from Parliament.

BUY these songs by Rob Thorne and support the Maui Dolphin.

'Singing the Dolphin Through'
by Manfred Mann YOUTUBE

Video from Paul Moss (Radio Interview as soundtrack)

Media directory here: TV Radio Newspaper Video Photos

Facebook event discussion March for Maui
Old (#1) mauisdolphin.com archive page here:

* Wellington events

* Auckland events
* Auckland - Maui Silent March and Wake.
April 7th Kumeu Arts centre, Main Road, Kumeu. .

* Vacant shop in cbd required for info and displays, let us know please.
*Sponsors for visual artists and musician and sound artists to create and operate installations in Auckland and Wellington, and elsewhere.
* need volunteers; email volunteer@mauisdolphin.com
* need vehicles and drivers; email transport@mauisdolphin.com
* comment and suggestions welcome

* Please support these people and organisations:
Artists caring for our precious environment
- Artist Michel Tuffery
- Digital and Oil artist Ray Ching
- New Media and Visualist Paul Moss
- Pointillist Rio Rossellini
- Director / Writer Tanemahuta Gray

Musicians for the ocean
- Whaaia te Maaramatanga, by Rob Thorne
- Tiki Taane
- Rhombus in Dub
- Terranine Mike




Independents for
SAVE the Mauis Dolphin Facebook Group here:




Radio New Zealand Interview with Paul Moss for
listen & download here


VITAL Links..

Please add your photo to the:
'LETS FACE IT' Visual Petition here: LETS FACE IT

Please read the data:
DOC - Department of Conservation
latest dolphin population estimates

DOC Department of Conservation New Zealand

Auckland region’s Coastal Clean Up

NZ Whale and
Dolphin Trust

MORE links to come here....

Cephalorhynchus hectori. Photograph by James Shook







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